Ciate Mini Mani Advent Calendar

So this week was kind of a big week for me. 

I've left my job of 2 years to another role somewhere else and it was so sad leaving the girls and guys of The Hut Group.
I was surprised at the end of the day by champagne, snacks and some pretty gorgeous gifts; including the amazing Ciate Advent Calendar that I've always wanted! So spoiled! Going to really miss everyone there.

So as it was the 13th yesterday, I had that kid before Christmas moment where I knew I had 13 new nail polishes to unveil! How exciting!

So here they are, 1 to 13 in all their splendor. 


  1. I love the idea of this. There are so many great shades!

  2. Ooooh! I have this too and i maybe accidently opened the whole thing ;) There is some lovely ones in it, Snow globe is my favourite! xo

  3. That's so sweet that they bought you this :)

    Danniella x |