Clinique Clarifying Lotion

I'm really getting into my Clinique at the moment.

This is the 3rd product Ive ever tried of theirs and I'm thoroughly enjoying the results I get from using them. 

The Clinique Clarifying Lotion is a Stage 3 skincare product from the Oily Combination range. 

I clean my face, dab some of this lotion onto a cotton wool pad and circulate gently onto my skin. It's amazing how much make up is left on your skin even after having washed it. This Clarifying Lotion also leaves my skin feeling fresh and light too. Which is definitely what you want after sitting in a stuffy office like I do every day. It's the little things in life eh?

I would definitely recommend investing in Clinique for your skin care regime. They have some amazing formulas that have always worked for my skin, it always improves my blemishes and dry skin when I use them and I don't think I'll be trading for another brand for a while.


I love days like this! 

I think every girl loves lipstick, whether it be a sexy red, pretty pink or subtle nude, there are so many options, colours and finishes out there for everybody. 

My personal favourite brand is MAC, and I think a lot of people will agree with me. 

MAC's lipsticks are mid band in price, they aren't the type of thing you just pick up in boots and pop in your basket like other brands. However, when you find that perfect fit at the MAC counter, it's just magic. I find myself going from the deep tones of Hang Up to a shade thats so wearable, like Creme Cup, I could wear it to anywhere. 

My personal favourite from MAC is an oldie but a goodie. I own both of Nicki Minaj's Viva Glam lipsticks and love them both, but my favourite has to be the original. It's absolutely stunning, with the prettiest shade of pink I've ever seen, its so glamorous but still sexy. I've enjoyed wearing this to concerts, parties and nights out; and I don't plan on putting it away just yet. 

Do you have a favourite lipstick that you've always loved?

Happy National Lipstick Day!

Motivate Me Monday

I'm feeling really motivated at the moment. I really want to get fit before Christmas and that is now my goal. I'm going to go for a run tonight and not binge when I get in. 

I've had yoghurt and blueberries for my breakfast, which is lovely. It doesn't leave me feeling heavy and I'm just having a plain salad for my lunch. Really feeling good today and I hope you do too. 

Friday Favourites #38

I think I have a problem...

A serious, Kimono problem! Every design, cut and fringe; I must have in my wardrobe. This one especially!

I was innocently looking on SheInside (as you do), and a 40% off Kimono banner popped up! It was like fate was tempting me to take a look. So I did. And I found this gorgeous floral, fringed kimono in a lovely navy shade. I would love to wear this with a white dress and these gorgeous plimsolls from Flossy. It's so summery and laid-back. I've really fallen for this! 

Can pay day come around any sooner! 

1. Tobi Deep In Love Sweetheart Dress
2. SheInside Navy Short Sleeve Floral Tassle Loose Kimono
3. Orelia Geo Charm Fine Multi-Row Necklace
4. Paul & Joe Lipstick in Pret-a-Porter
5. Flossy Rioja White Floral Plimsoll

Just for £5

I love finding a good bargain. I scroll through the internet, on twitter and bloglovin, and always come across something new.

Just for £5 is an online retail store that sells every for.. well just £5! 

Which I think is incredible.

I love this cream dress, it's smart but also feminine. This would look great in the office or just for a lunch with the girls.It has simple pleats across the torso that follows through to the skirt and it even comes with a patent black belt, meaning that this dress is even more of a bargain than I first thought.

It's well worth getting yourself on to Just for £5, you might just find some wardrobe fillers. I've got my eye on this floral dress.

Mason Jar Heaven

If, like me, you have slightly got carried away with lusting after Mason Jars from seeing thousands of nice drinks being served in them. Then this post will be of serious interest to you. 

I was just strolling around Home Bargains, as you do, when I saw these amazing Mason Jars from across the shop. I literally couldn't believe how nice they were and at a lovely 69p, who was I to argue with and immediately got myself the pink and clear jars. 

How nice are they? They come with a pretty, striped straw too which just added fuel to the fire. 

You can also get them in blue, so I think from now on me & Elliot will be drinking everything from his and hers mason jars!