Shy Girl

Black Friday ruined me and my bank account! 
As soon as I saw the 20% off code for Selfridges, I headed straight over, typed in MAC and the rest in a blur… 
Shy Girl arrived at my door 3 days later and I’m in love! I am really quite fond of nude lipsticks at the moment and this was just one of 2 nude lippies I’d bought from Selfridges… *addict*

From the Crème Sheen family, this lipstick is a really soft ‘coral beige’ and boy is it impressive! It looks absolutely gorgeous on and I just can’t get enough of it! I wear it to work as well as when I’m out and about – it doesn’t budge one bit! 
What did you all end up purchasing on Black Friday? (Too much in my case!)

Bottle Green

Well my nail biting has been in full swing recently. I have no idea why but growing my nails has been a real struggle recently, maybe it's the stress of Christmas shopping...

These Elegant Touch Bottle Green nails were on offer in Superdrug and I couldn't resist. I also got a gorgeous creamy coral set as well that I'm going to pop on when these pop off. 

They were a tad too long for me to start with so a bit of filing was necessary, but that was easy enough and I also avoided using the sticky tabs that come in these packs as, well, it's as effective as sticking them on with blue tac...utterly useless!

So yeah, these nails are gorgeous! They are a lovely shape and the colour is very festive for this time of year! I can see myself adding a bitor glitter to these in a week or so.

Green Smoothie #1

I recently bought myself a Blend Active and I think it might just be the best thing I have bought this year! With over 1000 reviews on Amazon stating how much everyone loves their new blender, I couldn’t resist and I will never look back.
 The Blend Active consists of a compact (for a blender anyway) blender base with not 1 but 2 takeaway bottles that you simply screw the blender blade onto, blitz, screw off, twist your lid on and you’re on your way! They blend everything including ice and every time I have used this, I’m always left with a really smooth, great tasting smoothie for my Breakfast. 
I’ve really enjoyed getting into my Green Smoothies recently, they provide you with so many benefits from your skin to your energy levels so it’s really transformed my day swapping my usual breakfast for one of these vitamin/nutrient packed smoothies. 
After a bit of research and scrolling through endless recipes I finally landed on If you sign up with them they send you a starter guide for your green smoothies and they post fresh, interesting and seasonal recipes regularly; so your green smoothie will never be boring. 
So here is my first Green Smoothie recipe for you to try with a little info on what each ingredient can do for you. 

Spinach – A great source for vitamins, filled with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Thaimin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 as well as Iron, Magnesium and Calcium, Spinach is a great all-rounder for skin clearing as well as aiding digestion.
Romaine – This type of lettuce is packed with vitamin, minerals, phytonutrients and fibre that can help keep illness at bay throughout the year. An excellent source of Vitamin A and Vitamin K makes your smoothie super heart healthy. 
Grapes – High in water content and antioxidants, Grapes provide numerous benefits from eye health to clearing skin whilst remaining low in calories.
Bananas – Low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium, Bananas are not only tasty but are a great source of dietary fibre, vitamin C, potassium and Manganese. Although Bananas contain a bit of sugar, this doesn’t mean you should avoid them, use them in smoothies that are meal replacements and you’ll find it easier not to go over your recommended daily sugar allowance. 
Raspberries – One of the best benefits of raspberries is that they can increase your metabolism in fat cells through their phytonutrients especially in Rheosmin (aka raspberry ketone). These little berries are also packed full of antioxidants, so these don’t just add great flavour to your smoothie. 
Water – We all know that water is just THE best thing out there when you’re trying to get healthy. The reason I choose water in my green smoothies is for the endless amounts of goodness that it provides. From skin to energy levels, water is key to keeping hydrated and to aiding weight loss. 

1 cup spinach
1 cup romaine lettuce
1 cup grapes 
1 medium ripe banana
1 cup raspberries
Add water to your preferred smoothie thickness

Nails Inc + Glamour

Don't you just love getting freebies in magazines! Especially when they are from such good quality brands like Nails Inc. 

This Tate nail polish is a gorgeous deep red that, like all Nails Inc polishes, goes on smooth with a super glossy finish. With even just one layer, it's so highly pigmented that you feel you don't need another layer. 

It'll look really nice for Christmas, just add some green or glitter and you're set. 


Apologies for the state of this lipstick, but as you can see it has been very well used since I got my hands on it. 
I had always walked into Selfridges and immediately gone to the MAC counter, always bypassing everything else to get my hands on a new shade.
 However, on this particular day I must have been feeling quite adventurous as I stopped by Illamasque to see what they had on offer. As I had never owned anything from them before, I quickly asked for a little help in choosing a nude lipstick. 
 After sampling pretty much they’re entire Nude collection all over my hand, I put my money towards Starkers

I love it! Like, obsessively love it! It’s probably the most I have ever worn a lipstick in my make up wearing history. 
Its formula is creamy and the colour is quite possibly the most perfect nude ever! I wear it all the time too as it never dries my lips out and suits both the pale and tanned version of myself! 

 I have my eye on Buff next and I’d have to say I’m a true Illamasque convert!

Bulk Powders - Protein Smoothie

After starting a new gym routine, I quickly learned that I needed to add something extra into my diet to keep my energy up as I was really flagging. 
 Introducing the Complete High Protein Smoothie from Bulk Powders. 

 Yep – that’s a Strawberry Smoothie that’s high in protein and contains real fruit pieces!
The fast absorbing protein aids in recovery once I have finished my workout or works great in the morning if I need to shoot off to work. This protein packed smoothie contains amino acids that are vital when you are working your muscles, with a combination of cardio and weights being incorporated into my daily workout, this smoothie has been warmly welcomed!
 The naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants in the fruit pieces and powder also provide you with energy and health benefits that can be quickly absorbed – not to mention that it’s delicious!
 Worlds apart from your standard Protein Shake, this smoothie offers you something that feels a little more natural into your routine. The strawberry flavour is something I really look forward to once I’ve finished my workout and even after just a week of drinking this I feel more energised. 
You can get the Complete High Protein Smoothie in Strawberry and Blueberry – yum!