The Lash Edit - London

I have loved false lashes for a very long time now and I have become quite familiar with the process of putting them on. Going from the first Girls Aloud collection, wearing my Cheryl's to every night out, I have since then branched out and wear a wide variety of lashes. Including this gorgeous London trio I got given to me as a stocking filler from Elliot this Christmas. 

I love how different the three styles are, with the top set being perfect for date night when you want a bit more dazzle, the middle set that are perfect for adding a bit more glam to your day and the bottom set that I love wearing for those days where I really want my eyes to stand out. 

As with almost all Eylure lashes, they fit my eyes perfectly and with the glue that's provided, go on so easily too. I tend to use tweezers when putting on my lashes as it really helps stick them down. 

I have my eye on the Paris set next as those styles really appeal to me too. 

Have you tried any of these lashes yet? 

Fallen From The Lipstick Tree

Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that every blogger around has tried and raved about, so it was about time I got my hands on her products and where better to start than with her KISSING lipsticks

This is another gift that Elliot got me for Christmas and you honestly wouldn't believe how small this is when you look at it only. However, it's true what they say, good things do come in small packages. With three Mini Lipstick Charms containing So Marilyn (a luscious red), Penelope Pink (subtle matte  nude) and Bitch Perfect (a rosy nude). 

All three of these lipsticks are well worth a try and their size makes them perfect for popping in even the smallest bag, ready to be shown off to the world. 

My first impressions of Charlotte Tilbury are very good and this most definitely won't be my last purchase. 

What do you think should be my next beauty buy from CT?


Yet another lipstick that I have fallen line and sinker for. Impressive from MAC was another gift I got for Christmas from my Step Mum and she got it right on the mark. 

Impressive is a subtle pink/nude shade that goes on with a slightly more shiny finish than the Matte lipsticks I'm used to, making it a great lipstick for daytime wear as it doesn't leave you with that dry or tight feeling on your lips. 

I'd definitely recommend trying this beauty out as it will be a very popular choice in any lipstick collection.

Are there any nude lipsticks you can't live without?

St Kitts Herbery

I got sent this little box of goodness a few weeks ago from St Kitts herbery and from the moment I opened the box I was introduced to the most soothing and gorgeous scent that you could ever need after a long week at work. 

Within this box there was a Shampoo, Lotion and Shower Gel with 2 soaps, all with a Rosemary and Bergamot fragrance. I find this smell so relaxing, it was so nice to use this just before bed and the lotion stayed with me all the next day as well. I love it. 

This would make the perfect little gift for Valentine's day or somebody's birthday, if you know someone in need of some tlc then I would highly recommend sending them the Rosemary and Bergamot one I got to try. 

Four Mini Holiday Hits

I loooooove my nail polishes! I actually need to find a new storage box for them all so if you have any good links for nice storage ideas, please send them over 

Anyway, back to my post. I got this cute little set from my friend Rachel for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I've always loved the Mini sets that OPI does and this Mariah Carey Mini Holiday Hits set is filled with gorgeous shades that will look great throughout the year, not just for the festive season. 

It contains Visions of Love (deep red), Warm Me Up (metallic bronze), Wondrous Star (gold and black glitter) and All Sparkly And Gold (all gold glitter). My favourite is definitely Wondrous Star, I have never owned a nail polish like this before and it looks gorgeous over any colour, especially nude. 

Have you tried any of the OPI Mini Sets before? 

Fashion Nails with Primark

There's not much that you can get for £1 these days. 

But if you head over to your local Primark, then I implore you to pop one of these in your basket. 

I didn't have high expectations for these nails to be honest, I though they would be a bit translucent and a flimsy once on. But I couldn't be more wrong. 

They are the same quality as nails you'd spend nearly 10 times as much on and the colour is gorgeous. They also come with a small nail glue which still shocks me for a mere £1. These are great for an understated and chic finish. Not only that though, you'll find these same nails in a number of different shades and even some pretty gorgeous patterns that will be perfect for summer. 

Have you tried Primark nails before? Leave your links :)