Just for £5

I love finding a good bargain. I scroll through the internet, on twitter and bloglovin, and always come across something new.

Just for £5 is an online retail store that sells every for.. well just £5! 

Which I think is incredible.

I love this cream dress, it's smart but also feminine. This would look great in the office or just for a lunch with the girls.It has simple pleats across the torso that follows through to the skirt and it even comes with a patent black belt, meaning that this dress is even more of a bargain than I first thought.

It's well worth getting yourself on to Just for £5, you might just find some wardrobe fillers. I've got my eye on this floral dress.

Mason Jar Heaven

If, like me, you have slightly got carried away with lusting after Mason Jars from seeing thousands of nice drinks being served in them. Then this post will be of serious interest to you. 

I was just strolling around Home Bargains, as you do, when I saw these amazing Mason Jars from across the shop. I literally couldn't believe how nice they were and at a lovely 69p, who was I to argue with and immediately got myself the pink and clear jars. 

How nice are they? They come with a pretty, striped straw too which just added fuel to the fire. 

You can also get them in blue, so I think from now on me & Elliot will be drinking everything from his and hers mason jars! 

Clinique Moisturising Lotion & Glamour

I love a good freebie and Glamour have been right on the mark with their last 2 issues. Firstly with the Eyeko Liquid Liner and now this beautiful Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion

New to the Clinique skincare family, this Moisturising Lotion claims to help strengthen your skin's natural moisture barrier to leave you with a 'soft, springy' and 'healthy-looking glow'. It also promises for all day hydration, which it really does!

It's smooth, light and feels lovely on my skin. I've been wearing this under my make up for the past week and it's great. My skin looks better and brighter, it also feels genuinely moisturised too rather than just leaving a layer like some other moisturisers do.

I've also noticed that since using this moisturiser, I haven't had any dry skin on my problem areas (mainly my nose). Which is actually quite incredible, as no moisturiser has ever completed this mission before.

So all in all, I'm very impressed. I would definitely purchase this and you should definitely try out this sample with Glamour. 

Motivate Me Monday

Is everyone else loving that the sun is out again today?

I have had SUCH a lazy weekend. But I've loved it, I was eating well last week so felt I deserved to just nap and chill all weekend. As you do. 

So my fitspiration today is a warm welcome to the week I feel. I'm ready to eat well again and now that the sun is back out, might even be tempted to start up my walking/running again. 

Friday Favourites #37

I haven't done a Friday Favourites for 2 months now! I've missed it!

I've been struggling to find a decent platform to create them on when I'm on my MAC, so if any of you have any tips then send them over. I'm currently using SketchBookExpress. 

So I've been looking a lot on TopShop recently and I think it's because the styles they have currently are very much up my street. They have a lot of the stuff I wouldn't ever pull off but I've spotted quite a few items I'd like to add to my wardrobe including this gorgeous Paisley Print Robe, which I think is actually meant to be for bed time, but I love it. I can see this being both dressed up like the look I've put together or dressed down with a white cami and jeans. It's such a staple piece and I want it in my life so bad! 

Maybe once my MOT is over and done with next month, I'll treat myself :)

1. TOPSHOP Paisley Print Robe
2. TOPSHOP Lace Panel Bodycon Dress
3. Oasis Heart Mixed Chain Gold Bracelet
4. ASOS Hamilton Heeled Sandals
5. Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner
6. TOPSHOP Nails in Myth

MAC Prep + Prime Samples

If you missed out on the latest MAC sample giveaway then you're going to hate this post. 

For MAC's Facebook fans, they gave away mini samples of their Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage. All you had to do was enter your email and address to get your hands on one. 

This little sample holds quite a lot in it to be honest. After a few uses I'm really loving how my skin feels after using it. It kind of leaves it with a powdery but not powdery feel, so a really soft finish. My make up looks pretty amazing after I've used it too, so it does what it says on the tin. 

MAC are usually out of my budget (waahhhhh) but I think I would actually invest in this. You don't have to use a lot, which means it will last for ages and it gives you the results you want. So why not eh?