Irish Critters

Our second day in Dublin saw us taking a short walk from the hotel to Dublin Zoo. Somewhere I have wanted to go for years now and I think Elliot was just as excited as me. 

We entered the zoo and were greet by these lively little guys.

The zoo had so many different species from all over the world, it took us a good 3 hours to get around it all. We could get so close to the animals too, one of the penguins was literally an arms length away! We both really enjoyed walking around and taking photos, with the odd comparison to the monkeys being thrown around! 

After the zoo we were feeling really peckish. So we headed in to the city centre and got sat down in the Trinity Bar for some food. Then it was time for some serious business... 

Queen of Tarts was one of the places I was really excited to visit. Having been recommended it from my Auntie and Trip Advisor, there was no way I was leaving Dublin without visiting this sweet treat.
 Queen of Tarts is a tiny, quaint cake shop that's painted the brightest red from the outside. It's so cute inside with a lovely kitsch feel to it. We sat down and made the hard decision to order, it was really hard to choose just one of these cakes. 

Elliot went for the Chocolate Fudge Cake, which by the way, was the best chocolate cake ever! It was served warm with cream and literally melted in your mouth. 

I went for the blackberry and apple crumble. Never have I ever had such a good crumble! The blackberry was tangy, the apples were soft and spiced with cinnamon and the crumble was so crunchy and tasty. All served with thick whipped cream, this will be hard to beat.

For our last night in Dublin, we headed in to Temple Bar and went for an Indian at Monty's of Kathmandu. Unfortunately, I was too busy enjoying the food and forgot to get my camera out. I can assure you it was lovely though. 

When we got home, we had another taste of heaven to enjoy. When we had visited Queen of Tarts earlier, we got 2 cakes to go for our hotel. I know, so naughty! But when in Rome Dublin...

Victoria Sponge cake 

Bailey's Chocolate Chip Cheesecake We had such a lovely time in this Irish city and it's safe to say our first experience of Ireland was an amazing one. I hope Elliot had a lovely time because I certainly did.

Lucky Boy

So it was Elliot's 22nd birthday last week and as a treat for him, I thought how better to celebrate than to get ourselves out of the country for a few days. 

'Don't plan anything for your birthday. I'm taking you away'

 Neither of us had ever been to Ireland before and Dublin was a place that we had both mentioned on our travel bucket lists. So the excitement of this thought took over me one day and I just booked it, flights'n'all and let Elliot know he was going away. I managed to keep this secret for the two weeks leading up to it (which I'm amazed I pulled off) and let him know where we were going with an Irish themed card and little token present a few days before we went.

We flew early to ensure we could make the most of our trip, arrived at our hotel and without taking too much time from the day, we headed straight out to the Guinness Storehouse to get our first taste of Ireland. How better to get acquainted with the Irish than to dabble with some Guinness.

 We were taken into an all white Tasting Room with four steaming pods. With each one smelling like each of the different elements that go into Guinness, we were then handed a little taste of Guinness in the cutest little 'pint' glasses!

The final part of the tour sees you at the Gravity bar. With panoramic views around the entire room, you go get yourself a pint of Guinness, find a seat and enjoy your pint with an incredible view. Now I'm not a massive Guinness drinker, if at all, but it was hard not to enjoy it with the view and sun shining down on us.

We then took a quick taxi to Kilmainham Gaol, an irish prison built in 1796 that held a number of prisoners related to Irish Independence. We walked through the cells and learned about which influential prisoners stayed where, it was a very cold place today, I can't imagine what it was like back then.

Afterwards we were feeling pretty peckish, so if you're ever feeling hungry when in this area od Dublin, head to the little italian above the pub near the jail. It serves some pretty amazing food including this incredible minestrone soup! I could have had 5 bowls of the stuff, gorgeous. 

For all of you heading over to Dublin or thinking about it, we stayed at the Ashling Hotel which is situated on the edge Dublin and a short walk away from Dublin Zoo and the Guinness Factory. Just take a look at how gorgeous the room was.

After a long day of drinking Guinness and taking in the Irish air, we didn't need much convincing to climb into the beautifully made bed and rest up for another exciting day in Dublin. 

More adventures coming tomorrow, including a few furry, scaly and feathery friends.