Mermaid Hair

I've been umming and arring about changing my hair colour for a while now, I even turned to you #bbloggers on Twitter to get your verdict. So I did it, I got myself onto the world wide web, browsed through a few sites and picked the perfect shade for me.

Mermaid Dip Dye Hair. Beka's Beauty, UK Beauty Blog

Hair Crazy UV Turquoise Hair Dye. Mermaid Dip Dye Hair. Blue Dip Dye on Beka's Beauty. UK Beauty Blog

Beka's Beauty UK Beauty Blog. Mermaid blue dip dye hair.

I went for a colour called UV Turquoise from Hair Crazy and I just love how bright it is. I did however, cheat a little bit with this. I didn't actually dye my own hair.
  Because I wear extensions and I wanted this to be a dip dye look, I only dyed my extensions; meaning I can be mermaid Beka and business Beka whenever I want! 

Beka's Beauty. UK Beauty Blog with Mermaid Dip Dye Hair from Hair Crazy

UV Turquoise from Hair Crazy. Mermaid dip dye hair from Beka's Beauty. UK Beauty Blog

Mermaid dip dye hair from Beka's Beauty. UK Beauty Blogger. Blue dip dye hair

UK Beauty Blogger with mermaid dip dye hair. Blue dip dye hair from Hair Crazy on Beka's Beauty.

So what do you think? Have any of you been getting the hair dye itch? or even have a crazy colour yourself? Leave your links below :)


  1. You are so pretty ; it's beautiful !

  2. i love this! i'm always so jealous of people who can dye their hair all these different colours just because mine is dark brown so nothing would show up in it! but yours looks so stunning, and such a good idea just doing it on your extensions! :-) xxx

  3. This is gorgeous & just doing your extensions gives you the best of both worlds

  4. that looks so beautiful on you and the colour turned out great! it was smart that you dyed your extentions, you can change your look whenever you want!

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